Piano dei Daini


Mount Etna is Europe’s highest and most active volcano. It towers above the Sicilian city of Catania and frequently erupts so Sicilians must everyday gamble the benefits of the rich volcanic soil against losing their livelihoods to this very real force of nature. Piano dei Daini’s vineyards lie on the slopes of Solicchiata and Passpisciaro which face north and would normally be problematic for vines; yet here the iconic volcano together with neighbouring mountain ranges creates a type of climactic bubble with optimal rainfall and sunshine for ripening grapes, red grapes especially. This wine-growing estate was first documented as such in 1669 and Sofia and Concetto Bosco embarked upon their restoration of the property and its 8 hectares of ancient vines in 2010. They see wine-making as an art, working in harmony with the seasons, taking chances, learning through mistakes – much like our passage through life.
As you would expect with a force of nature on your doorstop, Etna affects the very essence of Piano dei Daini; the team is inspired by the beauty of nature and the deep sense of tradition. Wine, soil and volcano are all bound together; you can taste this special bond in the wine and see it referenced in the beautiful contemporary labels.
We have chosen two reds, a white and a rosé all made from ancient, indigenous grape varieties and we are very excited to be promoting this Sicilian vineyard which is representative of the spirit of innovation and experimentation currently sweeping Italy’s wine production.